Versions & Methods

The API has multiple versions that are used to prevent changes to the API from negatively impacting your application. Development of new features will always be on the most current version of the API. Development on previous versions of the API will be limited to severe bug fixes only. The current version and status of the different versions are listed below. Versions that are "Locked" can still be accessed, however these versions will not be updated or changed except for fixes for severe bugs.

To specify which version of the API you wish to access, you must indicate that version immediately after and before the object. This is demonstrated below.

head (currently pointed to v4)

Sunset Policy: We will fix bugs in the current version (v5) of the API. Older versions of the API will be stable and will continue to work for at least two years.

Fill out our request form to be notified of critical updates/changes to the SurveyGizmo RestAPI.


The method portion of an API call tells SurveyGizmo what you want to do with a specific object. You can create, delete and update most objects via the REST API. Each of these is indicated by setting the url variable "_method" equal to GET, PUT, POST or DELETE.

GET pulls a list for that specified object. For example, the below call will pull a list of a surveys.

Note: Get requests will cache for 60 seconds. If you make repeated API get requests that are identical, the return will be cached and will thus return identical results.

PUT allows you to create a new object, such as a survey, question or response. Most objects require specific information when using this method. For example, creating a new survey requires that you provide a title and type. Survey&type=survey

POST allows you to update an existing object. Title

DELETE allows you to remove an object.