Are You Experiencing a Delay in API Responses?

Questions regarding delays in API returns come up from time to time. The time it takes for an API response is dependent on a number of factors including:

  1. The call you are making.
  2. The amount of data that is being returned.
  3. The amount of data you have.
  4. Server load.

Responses from the API can take anywhere from <1 second to 30 seconds.

  • If you exceed your API request limits, you will see a 429 status code (for up to a minute after you have met your limit while throttling resets).
  • Requests will time out after 30 seconds returning one of two possible status codes:
    • 500 - extremely high system load
    • 503 - database problems

What you should know about the surveyresponse object. 

Response data is subject to response processing, which can vary based on server load. If you are looking to access response data, the time between when a response is submitted (even those submitted via the API) and when the data is available via the API can be upwards of 5 minutes.

Your code should account for these delays, as well as the request limits on your account.